If I had three wishes…

If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for? As improbable and absurd as it sounds, this question has been asked time and again, in psychological studies, in philosophical context or sometimes just for fun. People have come up with some cunning answers too like “If I had a wish, I would ask for infinite wishes”.

I considered that answer too but something tells me the genie would be smarter than to be caught in our little word games. So here are the three wishes that I would ask for.

1. Invisibility Cloak

Now, there are a number of reasons why I would ask for an invisibility cloak. Firstly, I am a potterhead (Harry Potter fan), so if Harry had an invisibility cloak I want one too. Secondly, I have always felt curious about how people talk about me when I am not present. And invisibility would make it quite easier to spy on people.

2. True Love

I know it’s too clichéd and cheesy and teenager-ish but I am a teenager (I am actually 18, btw); A teenager who has read way too many novels about romance and love stories and sad endings. Sad endings are, well, sad. Hence, I don’t want one.

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3. Good Communication Skills

Why am I wasting a wish over something so petty? Wait, let me explain. I am an introvert, like an extremely introverted person. I have zero social skills (I swear I am not exaggerating), I start sweating as soon as a stranger starts talking to me and I have lost count of how many opportunities I have lost in order to avoid talking. It is a curse and would probably take a miracle to lift it.

You don’t think my wishes make sense? Well, neither does the concept of a Genie coming out of a bottle and granting me three wishes, but a girl can imagine!

So, if you were granted 3 wishes, what would you ask for?

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