Quarantining: Staying Safe and Sane

Hello guys! Hope you all are safe and healthy and staying at home like you should be.
So, I wanted to talk about exactly what everyone else is talking about. Yep, quarantining. More specifically, this post is about how it might be affecting us mentally. For me, it has been almost two weeks of staying at home and I have been feeling a certain uneasiness, sadness, frustration or anxiety, I am unable to figure out which one but it has been too overwhelming lately. If this sounds relatable to you, then continue reading because that’s what this article is about.

After some thinking and internet surfing, I pinpointed some reasons for what might be causing this uneasiness and how to deal with them.


We are going through a global pandemic, so it’s understandable to be a little afraid about your health, to have negative thoughts sometimes. Here are some tips that I found helpful.

A. Open Up

What helps me in situations like these is to get it all out. If there’s someone in your life you easily open up to, talk to them, and if not, try writing it down. But I still prefer talking to someone because the other person can contribute to the conversation and help you calm down.

B. Limiting the intake of news

Fix a time window for news surfing (one hour should be more than enough) and only trust credible sources.

C. Music

Some feel-good music could always help calm your nerves. Here are some songs you could choose from.

Excess energy

Now that we are confined to our houses, the amount of physical activity in our routine is way lesser than it normally would be. This could lead to restlessness and agitation. So what to do with all this extra energy?

a. Workout

This one’s pretty obvious and since almost all the influencers have shared their workouts on social media, it should be an easy task. Although working out does require some amount of will power, which, frankly, I don’t have. So I came up with an alternative.

b. Dance

For this, you don’t even need to make a conscious decision; just play some good beats and your body would do the rest. Plus, it’s fun. And we could all use some fun right now.


We love having a plan and a sense of control. So this sudden change in routine and uncertainty about when this will all end has us all confused and anxious. While it’s true that these are tough times, worrying about it 24/7 won’t do any better. So, here’s what you can do.

A. Make a to-do list

Quarantining ruined your plans? Alright, make new ones. Make a list of all the tasks you were putting off until you had time because now you have all the time in the world.

B. Learn something new

It could be anything; a new language, an instrument, whatever fancies you (and is available on the internet). This may provide you some sense of control and save you from feeling guilty about wasting all this time. (This is a huge issue with me btw, procrastinating and then feeling guilty about it, and then procrastinating again)

C. Declutter

Declutter what you ask? Your room, wardrobe, phone gallery, everything. Not only would it help you kill time but also provide some clarity and help you think straight.

Also, in any case, remember to be grateful. If you’ve got a roof on your head, food on your plate and a healthy body in these tough times, you are more blessed than you realize. Acknowledge it, say thank you.
And wash your hands. And stay home.

So, these were my two cents. Hope this helps. Let me know how’s your quarantining going.

Stay safe!

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