The locked door

Some time ago, my heart used to be a crowded place, full of people. They entered without permission, left without goodbyes. That made me angry, yes, but I coped. But then they took the place for granted, started damaging things, and I thought, “enough!!”.

I pushed everyone out and locked the only door from the inside. They kept knocking, banging the door, but I was firm in my decision. Nobody will enter again unless I allow them.

So I sat there in silence, looked around the room, it was ruined. The walls wept and bled. “Uh, this needs a lot of work”, I thought. I started mending the walls and built them thick and high this time.

Now it’s been a while, the walls are all mended. But, it feels lonely now. Maybe I should open the door, throw a party, invite people.

Oh, I wish. But I can’t. I think I have lost the key. Now I am banging at the door, screaming for help, calling out for someone to break down the door from outside. But Nobody’s out there. I guess they tried for a while before, knocked, yelled, but now they have left. And I am left here, caged forever in the walls that I built myself. Hoping for someone to come who would really want to enter, even if they had to break down the door for it.

Like it? Don’t like it? Appreciation or criticism, whatever it is, please comment below.


  1. Very relatable..
    I made very good friends and have very close relatives..
    But never had time to spoke to them..its like a wall i made as you mention..


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