Hey!! How’s it going people? I am fine too. (Not that you asked)
After 10 hours of train journey (yes, train journey. Sheldon cooper would be proud.), 3 hours of waiting at the airport, 3 hours of flight (3 am-6 am), and a midnight meal served on the flight (and by meal I mean it was um…how do I put this nicely…it was edible…yeah), I am at the Dubai airport.

The actual destination is Iraq but it’s a connecting flight so we’ve to wait here for 8 hours (I KNOW RIGHT?? I am sooo tired right now) before boarding another flight.
Since I promised to keep y’all updated, here are a few pictures from the Dubai airport. (Yes, it’s just about the airport, and yes, the blog title is a bit misleading.)

Included these pictures just for the Arabic names.

Here are some showpieces that I liked..

Aladdin’s lamp…

Mini Burj Khalifa (ironic?)

And here is a treat for all the chocolate lovers…

Want me to keep doing more of this update posts? Let me know in the comments.

See you next time. Good day!

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