Trip to Karbala

Hello all, its been a while. Hope everyone’s doing okay. The thing is that recently, I got more involved in poetry rather than articles. But I have got some news.

My family is visiting Karbala, (a city in Iraq) for a few days. Why? Because it is considered a holy city for Shia Muslims. It is the site of the tomb of Husain ibn Ali, Prophet Mohammad’s grandson.

Although the motive is pilgrimage, I am way too excited to see a new country, new culture and face new experiences. And new experiences mean a few new blogs with the hashtag wanderlust (yes, the one you can find in almost everyone’s Instagram bio). So if you are a travel enthusiast (or at least pretend to be so that you look cool), stay tuned.

Follow this blog (if you haven’t already) to not miss any of my embarrassing incidents during the trip (because I am socially awkward and will definitely screw up a few times). Like this post to let me know you’re in and comment some travel trips because I am anxious af.

Have a great day!! See you on the next post.

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