Not Today

As she woke up early morning, a little voice in her head said,
“Let’s just sleep a little more, it’s a crappy day anyway.”
And she replied out loud,
“It’s a beautiful sunrise, no matter what you say,
I am not Letting you leading the way,
Not Today.”

Then as she glanced at the mirror getting ready for school,
The voice remarked again, in a tone that was pitiful,
“Your dark circles are bigger than your eyes, and honestly who has a nose that big,
Smear your face in makeup, that should do the trick”
But she responded calmly with a smile on her face,
“My real face is just as beautiful, let it lay,
I am not gonna hide my flaws away,
Not Today.”

First day at the new school, just on time she reached,
As she approached her classmates, the voice anxiously preached,
“I should have reminded you, it’s all my fault,
They hate you, remember? Abort mission, abort!!”
She now had sweaty palms, but still managing her calm, she said,
” Oh don’t worry honey, we’ll get it all sorted, missions are to be accomplished, not to be aborted.
I am not leaving without at least a hey.
Not Today.”

Amidst all this chaos, the teacher called out her name,
“Share something about yourself”, she said.
The voice got all panicked now, started screaming in my head,
“Ok, this is too much, back away, you’re gonna screw up so bad!!”
Her legs were trembling now, but she still moved ahead,
Now she knew what she had to say,
“I try to seize every opportunity, I try not to back away.
I pledge I will utilize every moment, I pledge I will not delay.
Not Today.”

P.s.- I have also uploaded an audio post of this poem in my voice…

Check it out too if interested…

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