The Monster Under My Bed

The monster under my bed,
Hey, remember that scared little girl that kept asking her dad to get rid of you? Yup, that’s me.
As I grew older, you left. And I was so happy, I thought I would never be afraid again. Well, I got that bit wrong, didn’t I?
Not so long after, I met other monsters, and they were far more scarier than you. (Don’t mind though, you’re scary too. I am sure your mom’s proud of you.) And news flash, they live inside my head now, so I can’t get my papa to get rid of them this time.

They make me miss you, you know? You were easier to cope with; just turn the lights on and problem solved. But they aren’t so civilised. They drop in anytime anywhere unwelcomed, no matter dark or light, day or night. (Nobody taught them good manners I guess.)
Anyways I wanted to ask you if you know them by any chance. If yes, please ask them to visit less often. You can come back if you want to, just make them go away, pretty please.

Teeny human on top of the bed.

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