When It Rains…

When it rains..
Do you just see water descending to the grounds? Or do you watch the sprinkle frequently changing direction with the wind, the droplet clinging to the tip of a leaf refusing to let go, at the trees showering petals on the cars parked beneath them, at the ripples formed in a puddle as the droplets reach the ground? Do you really look around?

Is the sound of rain just a background noise for you? Or is it a sweet melody? Do you seek it, await it to calm your nerves and tranquilize your brain? Is it music to your ears?

Do you, like most people, run for a shelter when it starts to rain? Or do you stand still, looking up with your arms outstretched, as it soaks every part of your body? Do you allow it to quench your thirst?

And do you still keep your heart caged when rain approaches? Or do you open yourself up, let it touch your soul? Do you feel memories resurfacing and emotions rekindling? Do you let it heal you?

Do you just watch the clouds pass by? Or do you experience the magic they bring along?


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