Cell phones: our new best friend

I was going for a ride today when I leisurely looked up to the sky, and suddenly realized I rarely do it nowadays. The sky looked different, the clouds seemed upset; they were all grey and thick, and I even spotted one shaped as a grumpy face (or maybe I imagined it). Anyways, they had a few complaints. They reminded me that when I was young, how I kept staring at them, recognizing different shapes, sometimes imagining, it used to be my favourite pastime. “But then what changed?” I asked myself, and just as I did, it started raining. My father told me to put my phone inside; I wasn’t even aware that my mobile phone was in my hand this whole time, as if it has become a part of me, an organ necessary for me to function. That’s it, that was the answer, I wasn’t looking up to the clouds because I was too busy staring down on my mobile screen. And maybe, out of jealousy, they made it rain, so that I would put my phone away.

Before you start calling me crazy, let me clarify that I don’t actually talk to the clouds. I recently witnessed someone walking right into a pole, because they were completely absorbed in their mobile. My own friends had almost bumped into parked cars a few times because they were texting while walking. And I thought it was a serious issue that need to be addressed.

Our obsession for the virtual world has come to such a point, that it’s physically dangerous, and we need to realize that our lives are more important than a text, or a social media post.

What are your thoughts about it?


  1. Interesting post. I also thought you might like to know that I got a warning message when opening this post saying that I was being directed to a suspicious site. Since I am familiar with this site I ignored it, but there may be others who were put off by it,

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