Mistakes, I made some and so did you.

No matter how much you deny, but it’s true.

Some words you regret saying, some actions you wanna undo,

The lies you believed, you wish you had a clue.

The Hellos you wish never happened, those acquaintances that left a scar,

The goodbyes that never reached someone, who is now far.

And now these regrets keep replaying in your mind, like a song stuck in your head.

So many miserable hours, so many tears shed.

But all the efforts were in vain, you just can’t move on.

Ever realized? Maybe there’s a reason that the thoughts are hanging on.

Listen to that song again, but ignore the doleful music this time,

Focus on the lyrics, the verses, the chorus, and the rhymes.

Listen closely, read between the lines,

Search for a hidden message or some signs.

What if there is gold lying in that trash,

What if you find there, your recipe of success?


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