Late Night Walks

I have always wondered what is so peaceful about late night walks.
Maybe it’s the stillness; as the fast paced city life slows down, our steps slow down too. The only things in motion are the tree leaves, dancing elegantly on the music of the slow breeze.

Or maybe it’s the silence we fancy, in this noisy world. A few moments of quietness where we can hear our echoing footsteps, rustling of bushes, chirping of crickets, even our own breath to remind ourselves to live.

Or maybe darkness is the secret; the dark roads partially illuminated by the street lights. It frees us from the judgemental minds of society, from the pressure of being perfect, it helps you accept your flaws.

Or maybe, the illusion that time has stopped, comforts us, no deadlines, no ultimatums, the world has no expectations from us.

Or my favourite one is that we find relief in the fact that the world is sleeping and nobody can hurt us. Maybe that’s why late night talks are the deepest because we get vulnerable, we let our walls down.
That’s the beauty of nights, it brings out our realness.

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