Looking into one’s eyes, my heart pried,
Made me wonder of the stories they hide.

The brown eyes in the sunlight resembled a honey-filled lake,
While the blue ones reminded of the oceans and its waves,
Oh! And the green ones were like bright emeralds that could make anyone gaze.

They are the prettiest in the times of joy, the sparkle can be easily seen,
But to find hurt, you will have to dig deep,
That’s where all the tears have been.

But no matter blue or brown,
Only if you dare to drown,
You could explore the beauty they hide,
The treasures are buried deep inside.

There, you’ll find the untouched emotions, secrets longing to be heard,
And you’ll realize some things are not to be put into words.

And only then you can say you know that person as a whole,
Truly, eyes are a window to the soul.

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