A Day at Munnar: Kerala Diaries

We woke up in the morning to the view of hills covered with green, lush tea gardens and I honestly cannot think of a better way to start a day. And suddenly we all entered a philosophical phase like life is beautiful, what is our purpose etc. (Why does it happen though?).Excited to take on the adventures to come, we all got dressed and took off to Top Station as planned.

Some pretext, Top Station is the highest point (1700 m) in Munnar and a prominent tourist destination.

As it was early morning, it was already foggy when we started, the roads were surrounded by hills covered with green carpets of tea; just greenery everywhere, you could find every possible shade of green there. The view was just so pure that it radiated positive vibes, something that heals your soul, rebuilds your faith, makes you humble. You start telling yourself “Hey! World is so beautiful” and “I am grateful for this”. We were so amazed by it that the destination didn’t seem to matter anymore.
As we moved higher, the fogginess gradually increased and after a while it got misty. Windows were covered with water droplets; Putting our hands outside the window, we could feel the moist clouds passing through; it was just like a fairy tale.

Finally, we reached up there, expecting a beautiful view of mountains, but guess what? Nature had a surprise for us. As I already mentioned, weather was extremely foggy that day and thus there was no view; no mountains, no plants, nothing was visible, just white, cotton like clouds of fog everywhere you look. You think that’d ruin our plans but no, this was actually so much better. I dont think words can justify what a heaven-like experience it was.

And just like every Indian family on a trip, we had brought home made snacks with us, and what would be a better ambiance that literally being in the clouds, right?

As we returned all I could think about was how things not working out as we planned can be a good thing sometimes, and also there’s so much more left to explore.


  1. Glad you like my home state . The most amazing place in kerala. There are even sandalwood forests ( a place called marayur around 25 km from munnar )..another amazing place . There’s also a dam nearby . ( i think its called mattupetty dam ).Another beautiful place . Hope u guys have a great time in munnar

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