An Evening at the Beach

It all started with the sun shining bright, sky clouded slightly, and the water hitting the shore only to return back to the sea as if portraying an incomplete love story; two things that are inseparable but would never actually meet. At the horizon, the different shades of blue met, something that would make you believe in the impossible. And the most significant; the mesmerising sound of the waves. I always wondered how something so chaotic in itself, can be so nerve calming for others. And to add to the magic, the soft cold breeze, the kind that makes you want to fly, the kind that feels like heaven.

As time passed, the sun slowly descended towards west, it’s bright yellow slowly turning into a soft shade of orange and red that wasn’t hard on the eyes but rather relaxing. Those shades deepened as the sun lowered and eventually disappeared, leaving behind strokes of orange and red on the blue canvas. After a while, the blue was a little darker, and the strokes were now smudged, sky was a masterpiece that day.
If only I could stop time and enjoy it a little more.

But, then nightfall approached, sky turned into a dark abyss. Buildings lined up on the opposite shore, that were blurred out in the daylight, were now shimmering with lights, and it’s reflection in the water added to its beauty.

As the visit came to an end, we returned home, with a clear mind, a happy heart and a relaxed soul.
Maybe it is true what they say; sometimes, you have to get lost to find yourself.


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