The Girl That Survived

Let me tell you a tale of a girl that survived,
With every obstacle, every hurdle, how she thrived.

Once upon a time, she fell in deep trouble,
Got pulled into the sea of self doubt and stumbled.

Now she was drowning, sunken deep down the sea,
Heard voices , probably of the haters, who else could it be.

“We knew you would never make it”, “you haven’t got that personality.”
“You should have travelled the usual way, should have settled for mediocrity”

With each new disapproval, the depth increased,
Tired, out of breath, her heart seized.

But then she realized, she must find a way out,
Not just for herself, but to make the haters pout.

She gathered all her strength, and escaped with her head held high.
With dreams in her mind, her heart determined to fly.

She promised, she wouldn’t allow her confidence to get any less,
And she, again, continue on her path to the greatness.


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