The Demons

There once lived a little girl,
Scared of the dark.

She feared sleeping alone,
And always kept the lights on.

But nobody knew exactly what bothered her,
Maybe the monster under her bed or the shadows in the corner.

Eventually she grew up to realize it was all in her head,
But she wasn’t aware of the horrors that await.

The new demons visited her without waiting for the nights,
They were more powerful, not afraid of the lights.

Their leader was named anxiety, but he was never alone.
Was always followed by overthinking and insecurities, sometimes even more.

Now the bigger question was how to defeat them,
The prior demons were weak, it was easier to beat them.

God answered her prayers, he knew what to do,
He sent some angels in her life to the rescue.

The lights from their halos were enough to lure the evils away,
And she lived happily ever after, with a spark of hope in her chest to always save the day.

Just a reminder to all those reading this…dont give up to your demons…the angels are on their way..

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