Friendship Day

Hey!! It’s friendship day. Friendship can be the most amazing relationship in one’s life. Family and relatives you get are by default but you have the privilege to choose your friends. You just pick a random person and be like “yup, I want this idiot.” Most of them leave but the true ones stick like a chewing gum (weird example?).

These idiots can just come to your house, eat from your fridge, start chilling with your family and it wouldn’t even feel weird. My parents have basically adopted my two best friends at this point.

Friends always listen to your problems (and frequently interrupt with their stupid lame jokes and laughing hilariously no matter how serious you are.) And provide you with a solution (the worst one, of course). But before that comes twenty minutes of shameless laughing, a cruel reminder of how irresponsible you are to end up in such a mess and a necessary doze of ‘I told you so’. But they always light up the mood so there’s a bright side.

Friends are the only ones with the power of crushing your crushes and making you fall in love with someone you hate. They always encourage you to execute bad ideas and actually end up convincing you. They are like manipulative agents of satan.

But jokes apart, they would never let you cry; they would console you, hug you, might even slap you if needed but will make sure you get back up.
So to all the part-time devils/part-time angels in my life, I appreciate y’all. Happy friendship day.

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