When my eyes took a day off…

Hey!!! Been a long time, right? Honestly, I hadn’t been myself lately, had a lot to deal with, but good news? I am back now. So coming back to the topic now, about two weeks ago, I went through an eye surgery to fix the squint I had since birth. (Yeah, it’s a late post)

The surgery was successful but I had to keep my eyes bandaged for about 4 hours after that (I know, the title is a bit misleading), which meant I was blind temporarily.

It gave me an opportunity to experience how differently abled people have it in daily life. I was powerless; I couldn’t walk, eat or do any of the simplest tasks until someone lent me a hand.

That’s when I realised how lucky I am to be born perfectly healthy; to be blessed with the ability to see.

I have countless times complaint about my squint but not even once I remember thanking god for blessing me with eyes.

In conclusion, the surgery taught me there are many things to be grateful about that I am taking for granted. I am thankful for this healthy body, positive mind, more than enough wealth and all the lovely people in my life.

It can be said that the eye surgery helped me see better, both literally and metaphorically.


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