She wakes up everyday

Everyday she wakes up with the same thought in mind,
Hoping that today would be more kind.

She always goes out with a constant belief,
Trying to fit in, she thinks “ugh, being at home is such a relief”.

Chained in her insecurities, afraid of being laughed at, doesn’t wanna be a joke.
But that doesn’t matter, behind her back, people still talk.

She acts like she doesn’t know, she doesn’t care,
But yes she heard, she got hurt, she had to bear.

‘Don’t care for what people say’, yes she knows it too,
But just a sentence can’t help you get through.

Maybe she cries at night, but she still gets up everyday,
She’s not a coward, she goes out and struggles through the way.
She’s growing from the experiences and soon will come the day,
When she won’t be concerned anymore of what people say.

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