Mother’s Day

Hey!! A very happy Mother’s Day to all the fabulous mothers out there. And also to all the fathers bringing up a child alone; because being a mother is hard but being both is even harder.

So, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, internet is flooded with articles on the greatness of mothers which is nice. But one thing that I noticed was that there is a stereotype about how a mother should be. A mother sacrifices, works hard nonstop and never complains, gets hurt but never lets anyone know about it, takes care of every member of the family without expecting anything back. My question is why, why does she have to sacrifice? And do we respect them only because they sacrifice, the fact that she gave birth to you isn’t enough?

My mother does not fit this stereotype and I am proud of it. Yes she works hard but when she needs a break she will take it. She loves me ofcourse and pampers me too; but she’s not the one to support me when I am wrong. She lets us know when she doesn’t feel like cooking. She isn’t just confined in household chores; she has a professional life, she travels by her own and she has outings with her friends. She is not just existing, she is living her life.

She’s my idol. She’s the strongest and most balanced woman I know. She somehow makes time for everything. She’s creative, smart, pretty; she’s just perfect. And I wouldn’t want her to give me her share of ice-cream for me to respect her; what she’s doing is already more than enough.

So a very happy Mother’s Day to you, mom. I love you, and I hope the future me resembles you.

Here’s a request for all the youngters. Don’t just put a story saying happy Mother’s Day. Hug her, say it to her face, let her know she’s special.

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