Internet: friend or foe?

In the last few decades, there has been a tremendous growth in technology. And one of the biggest part of this growth is the formation of ‘world wide web’ to connect the whole world which we generally know as internet.

But the irony is that something that was created to save our time by replacing letters by emails, newspapers by e-papers, and libraries by e-books, is now used by many just to waste their time by playing online games or watching television or being addicted to the social media.

So who’s fault is it? Obviously the one using it, right? Almost everything is available on the internet, what matters is what you are searching for.

Here are some things from the internet that I find useful:-

YouTube – Being a student, Youtube has been really helpful to me; any topic I find difficult, just one search and there is a list of lectures I can choose from. Also YouTube is a part of my morning routine. As you all must be knowing you should start your day with a positive mind; so just one motivational video from YouTube can get you going.

Apps – Fun fact: there’s an app for literally anything. I once found one that made fart noises, so yeah. So this means there are many useful apps out there too. The ones I am using currently are a schedule planner, mood tracker, habit tracker and a meditation guide. There are many others you can use as per your needs; you can learn any language or skill or keep journals or anything you want.

Google – In earlier times, when someone needed to find some information, they had to go to the library, find that particular book and look through the whole book for that specific information. Now, this requires just a touch on the screen and less than a minute. Be grateful for this, gain as much knowledge as you can.

The list can go on and on, but I think I have made my point. So now you decide if you want to befriend the internet or make it your enemy.

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