Perks of being an introvert

Being an introvert is not easy. We go through a lot on a daily basis and worst part is others don’t get it because it’s not a big deal for them. But as it is said everything has a silver lining; being an introvert brings some advantages with it too. So if you are an introvert, congratulations, you are in for a treat.

Perks of being an introvert:-

Cancelling/postponing of plans: – “The plan is cancelled.” While for others this line can be a mood spoiler, its music to an introvert’s ears. No matter how much I could be excited for an outing, even if I genuinely want to go; there is always a part of me convincing me not to go. So the news of a cancelled plan always brings relief.

Finding joy in small things: – As an introvert I know how small things can change someone’s mood. My moods are always on a roller coaster. The thought of meeting someone gives me anxiety and one embarrassing moment can ruin my whole week. But the good thing is it goes the same with happiness too. If I am able to start a conversation with someone, I will be proud for the whole day; answering a question in front of the whole class is a big achievement for me.

Comfortable being alone: – Correct me If I am wrong here but I think that extroverts are somehow addicted to people. I mean they constantly need someone to be with them. If not that than they are always found texting someone on social media. Being alone is boring for them. On the other hand, we are very comfortable being alone, in fact we intentionally take out me time from our schedule. And I think this is one of my biggest strengths.

That’s it for now. But no, the list hasn’t ended. Wait for part-2.

As an introvert, if you found this relatable, please let me know. And you know anything that should be added in the list, comment below.

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