Do you know one of those people with a great personality but the only problem with them is they don’t realize how wonderful they are? I mean they are always sabotaging themselves and it makes you angry; you’re like “no, you are not ugly, you look beautiful” and “no, nobody dislikes you, stop assuming that.” And no matter how much you compliment them they would think you’re just doing it out of courtesy, just to make them feel better, even if you mean it genuinely. It’s annoying, right?

As I was thinking about this I realized maybe I am doing the same thing. I never take compliments seriously (also I rarely get any) and I am frequently criticizing my looks or my lake of social skills. I compare myself with other people and clearly I am different and that makes me worry. Being this much shy and introverted is definitely not normal and as meeting people is a crucial part of our lives I don’t know how I am going to survive in the real world.

But maybe I am not as bad as I see myself, maybe I am just overthinking about it as I do with everything else. And same goes with everyone else.

I think the reason behind this is that we have gotten so busy with our lives; we rarely take the time to notice anyone else. It’s all just likes and comments nowadays. When was the last time you complimented someone on their face? Everything has become virtual and as a result genuine care is hard to find.

So whoever you meet today, give them a compliment; “nice smile”, “sweet voice”, “pretty dress”, “great thoughts”, anything.

And in case nobody told you today; you are cute, you have a wonderful personality, people around you are happy to have you in their life, you make a difference, you matter.

And as we are talking about compliment there’s something I would like to add. As I am getting no feedback on my blogs I am confused if I should continue writing. If you like them please let me know or if you think it needs any improvement then too comment down. I have started questioning my writing skills and even the decision of starting to write blogs. Some feedback would really help right now.


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