To My Bff,

Hello to all. This article is about a special occasion. Its my best friend’s birthday tomorrow. Though I prefer calling her my sister. So this blog is a birthday present to her from her amateur writer friend. Why? Because she is one of my top 5 favourite people so she deserves it. Also I am not good at choosing gifts and I am short on money too.😅(Just kidding).
So let’s talk about her. She’s stupid. Yes, most of the times I have to be her counselor. But in my times of distress and anxiety, she’s my psychologist too.
She’s the one who brings out the nonstop talking extrovert inside me. She has seen the childish, silly version of me.
She’s cute, innocent, soft-hearted and sensitive; something that’s rare to find nowadays.
The best part is our memories together. Singing (or screaming) out loud together, makeup experiments, night stays, never ending talks, executing a bad idea and then blaming it on each other, senseless fights and just-a-hug-away patch-ups.
And my favourite one is me walking into her house as if its my own, her family feeling like my own, eating at each other’s houses without worrying about formalities. That’s why she is my sister.

So a very happy birthday to you sis. Live a long life and please always be there to handle my introvertism. Love you bitch😉.

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