The rant about love

Hey guys! How are you all? I hadn’t written an article since a long time because I couldn’t think of a topic to write about. Today I decided to write about love. No, not about the cheesy lines or pretty dates or the perfect partner; this blog is about the practical part that the movies or the books never show us. Basically, this is a rant about why I hate the overly obsessed lovers. I am sure some of you already went “yes, relatable”

The first problem is whenever we hear the word love, the only thing that comes in mind is two romantic partners. Well no, love can be between siblings, parents and their children, friends or anyone. When you care about a person and feel attached to them, its love. We just express it in different forms. The romantic love is so overrated that we often tend to ignore others. I have seen my friends being in relationships and so I know how stupid someone can be in these matters. They make their bf/gf their no.1 priority; above their parents, their goals, their friends, just everything. I mean your parents pay for your education and some guy brought you flowers and he’s above them? And how can anything be above your career; love isn’t going to feed you, sister. And the worst kind is the ones who break their years of friendship for a person they met just some months ago.

And the second mistake is when the other person becomes the centre of their universe; everything revolves around them. No matter what the conversation, they will somehow find a way to bring their love life in it. No offense but it gets annoying at a point. Even the smallest things they do needs to be approved by the other person. And then they start believing that they couldn’t live without that person and they’d die if they ever get separated. No they are not oxygen, you won’t die without them. Ok, I get it if you love someone, they become a big part of your life, but they are not the only ones, please understand this. Just to assume, if they do leave you, you will get hurt, of course, and maybe for a long; but you don’t need to have suicidal thoughts. The people who were with you before are still there, you were living happily before you met that person and you still can.

Don’t believe that you need someone to complete yourself and that you must have a partner; you are yourself a complete masterpiece. And also, other areas in life are just as important; work on them, achieve in them and be happy about them too.

Agree or not? Got any overly obsessed lover friends? Share it with them to make them realize.

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