Happy Place

In the times of distress, there’s a place I go to.
It’s an island of solitude, if you want I could show you.

In a country far away, which I named Dreamland,
Surrounded by the sea of mysteries, there’s situated an island.

It’s covered by the greenest grass, to lay down when exhausted,
And the cool breeze provides the calmness I always wanted.

Whenever I need a break, when the chaos gets too much.
I visit this site to avoid human touch.

But it’s not as lonely as it appears to be,
If you ever give it a try then maybe you’ll see.

Many squirrels roam around and one is a special friend.
When upset, she caresses my forehead with her tiny hand.

Then in the hole down the tree, lives a soft cute bunny.
There’s also a fluffy little bear, that wanders in search of honey.

To make it short, that’s my happy place.
With no worries, just soothing solace.


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