The tale of an introvert girl

Once there was a girl who had social anxiety. She couldn’t speak in public and and was scared of meeting people. And so, she was often made fun of; people called her mute, awkward, strange. She always tried hard to fit in but couldn’t. Almost every time she went out, she was told to not be shy, to speak and to loosen up. All this just made her more frustrated and exhausted.

She often thought of explaining others why she speaks rarely but unfortunately that required speaking too, and also she was afraid people won’t understand. Because let’s think about it, you while reading this must also be thinking that it’s just talking, how hard could it be, right? You wouldn’t know unless you are an introvert.

So all these thoughts in her mind that she couldn’t let out started suffocating her, she was falling apart, she really needed a way to escape it. So she started writing a diary. Every time she was irritated, angry, upset or sad, the dairy soaked it all in. But it a temporary solution. People still made fun of her; she still felt like an outsider.
But as they say, after the darkest night comes the brightest day. One day she came with an idea. “They want me to speak, right?” And she uploaded some of her writings on the internet. And from here, her life started changing.

This is kinda based on my life. Although the ending (part-2) will be fictional, how I want my future to be.

Let me know if it’s relatable.


  1. This was a really profound post! The topic actually reminds me of a blog post I did a while back called ‘A Letter To The Party I’m Missing’ – it’s so great that you’re using your voice to show that, though they might not be all that loud, introverts have a voice too! Also, I came from the community pool and I notice that you’re looking to gain more traffic to your site so you can steadily hit 5000 views a month so I invite you to my own blog to share you posts on my community tab! It’s a place where my followers can all share their latest posts and engage with each other! I’ll leave a link if you’re interested! πŸ™‚

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      • Ha Ha, Cheers! I am an introverted-extrovert. I need a lot of time alone to be creative, write, craft and make lotions, and pretty extroverted outside of work. Somewhat of an in-between really:D


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