The First Date (part-2)

She broke the silence with a nervous hello. “Hy” he replied “You look beautiful”. This was followed by more shallow talks like “How are you” and “what to eat”. At the same time, their eyes were having far more meaningful conversations. And before they knew, an hour had passed. Time flies when you are with your special ones, right?

“I should go now” she said. “Ok let’s go” and both left the café. “So, goodbye then?” She asked. “Ok, goodbye, see you soon”. There was a sense of dissapointment on her face. “Idiot, you haven’t said those three magical words yet” she thought.

As she turned back to return, something stopped her. She looked back, he was holding her hand in his hand and a rose in another. “You thought I would let you go like this?” And he pulled her into his arms. “I love you, princess” “I love you too, idiot”. Tight hug, eyes locked, listening to each others heart beat as slow breeze passed gently making her hair fly.

It was her dream coming true, as perfect as it could be, and just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, they kissed. Yes, now it felt complete. And then she headed home, with the biggest smile on her face, cheeks still blushing and memories replaying through her mind of what she called a perfect first date.

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