The First Date (part-1)

She woke up early today or maybe didn’t sleep at all. Why? It’s a special day. Today she will get to meet the person she is longing to see. Many thoughts going through her mind; ”Is he as much charming in person also or will he be shy? I hope it doesn’t get awkward. Oh god! What should I wear?” She thought standing in front of the mirror, with all her clothes scattered around. It’s hard to choose a dress. After all, it’s their first date.
After a lot of confusion, overthinking, and talking with the mirror, she is finally ready. “Damn! I am late.” She started walking to the café nearby. Thoughts constantly running through her mind; the 10 min way felt like a never ending road today. And she reached there; her wait was finally over. She entered the café, he was already there; wearing spectacles, with a blue shirt on, sleeves rolled up and a black wrist watch; having the biggest smile on his face as he looked at her. She approached the table nervously and sat, he was gazing at her all the way through. She, being shy, lowered her eyes, still low-key looking at him, hoping he would look away. But he didn’t, and how could he; the person he waited so long to see was finally beside him. With those sparkling eyes and the most beautiful smile, the red dress complimenting her red cheeks; to him, she was looking like a fairy.
To be continued….


This one is totally different from my earlier blogs. I wanted to try out my imagination and detailing skills. I really need some feedback on this one; please take out a minute to comment down if you liked it or not. Good Day 🙂


  1. Sry for late commenting ,but you described so well the whole picture of this situation comes live in front of my eyes. Very well written continue plz

    Liked by 1 person

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