To My Love


Today, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, here goes a letter to the love of my life who is yet to be found.

To my future partner,

I don’t know you yet but I am pretty sure you must be crazy if you chose me. And there are some things you must know about me.

Firstly, you will have to take care of the messy cupboards because I am not really good at organizing stuff. You will have to be patient enough because sometimes I rant too much or sometimes i cry like a baby even on small things, so you should know how to handle my mood swings. But don’t worry, I am a great listener too; anytime you are going through some issues, I will be there to listen and help you out. I get a little bossy sometimes, so don’t get annoyed if I act like your mother; also I would need pampering too, so be prepared for it. And don’t you dare forget my birthday; otherwise you will have to hear me rant about it till the next one. But no, I wouldn’t want expensive gifts; even a rose can make me smile like crazy. I am not fair or have a perfect face cut; I don’t fit in the description of “pretty girls”. And I don’t expect you to have the perfect looks either. Inner beauty means more to me and I hope you’d think the same.

In short, I will be the most annoying yet the most adorable person in your life. I hope to meet you soon.


Your future wife.

Happy valentine’s day to y’all. Also I have experimented with the theme, so let me know if its good or needs to be changed. Have a good day.


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