Monday Blues


Sunday is about to end and then comes Monday; the biggest monster of our lives. Monday sucks, right? I am pretty sure everyone answered yes. But what if i wrote ‘Here comes Monday, a fresh week to start over and another chance to fix the mistakes you made last week’. Do you think same amount of people will agree? I don’t think so.

See that’s the problem. Our minds are programmed to notice the negatives and ignore the positives. This is the reason why every sad and depressing post you see on insta or FB feels relatable almost every time.

Maybe Monday sucks just because you think it does. Maybe if you focused on the positives like ‘I will get to meet my friends in the school tomorrow’, Monday might not seem that bad.

I heard a fact that our minds automatically remembers negative memories more than the positive ones. That’s why it’s easier to see the negative part in every situation because it takes no effort; that’s how we are wired. But to see the positive part, you first need to convince yourself that there’s always a silver lining and then you need to search for it. It can be hard and exhausting in the beginning but don’t worry, it’s like a skill; the more you practice the more you get better at it.

So, when you wake up tomorrow, instead of cursing Monday, promise yourself a productive and a positive week ahead.


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