Different Versions


Something I think about a lot is what do people think when they meet me for the first time. Judging someone is a subconscious process; completing the picture from the available pieces is something we always do. As the saying goes ‘First impression is the last impression’. So what is that first image I leave on someone’s mind? But the bigger question is how appropriate that first image actually is?

Let’s take a look at my example.

  • With strangers, I can be the most awkward person ever born. I wouldn’t even utter a single word unless it’s really important. I often get comments like “I haven’t even heard your voice”. (So, not a very impressive first impression.)
  • Then, when I am with people I know, I am able to have shallow conversations. But still, comparatively, I am considered quiet. But at least they get to hear my voice and occasionally, they get to meet the sarcastic me too.
  • Then, around my friends, I can let my energy loose. I can raise my voice, get hyper and sometimes even jump around (only sometimes though). Around them I can speak pure nonsense as much as I want to.
  • Then comes my family and the few really close friends (that are no lesser than family). Around them comes out the crazy me; the one who sings (more like screams), dances like crazy and laughs her heart out; the one who acts silly and childish.
  • Then comes that one version when I am alone; the pure me without any filters. That is the time when I have conversations with the voice inside my head. This version is quite complicated. I can be a consultant, a philosopher, a comedian, a singer, and many more things during this time. Let’s just say this version is the actual me.

So basically, I am having many versions and I am pretty sure that’s the case with everyone else too. And it’s totally acceptable, different people bring out a different you; it all happens unintentionally.

I am trying to convey two points here,

  • Firstly, try not to judge anyone. You have seen only one side of them. You feel like you are seeing the whole picture, but some pieces still might be missing.
  • Second thing is, if you get a feedback from anyone, and especially if it’s negative, make sure you analyse it first and only take in the part that is true. They have only seen a part of you.

The only person who knows you completely is you. Always remember that.


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