The Journey


One thing I have always noticed is that we humans are really ungrateful. We never value something while we have it and then when it’s gone, we miss it.

In our childhood, we hate going to school and wait for our college life to start soon. Then in college we miss our school life, hate college, and wait desperately to start earning. Then, while doing a job, we miss our past life when there were less worries, hate the job we are doing, and think how peaceful life would be after retirement, with enough money saved. After getting old, we miss being young and the energy we had before. And in the end, we realize, always being concerned about the past and the future, we forgot being in the present.

So, moral of the story; why regret it later when you can enjoy it now. When you will look back at all the struggles you are facing now, you will laugh at how stupid you were and how easily everything worked out in the end. Life is not just about what you achieve but also about how you achieve it; it’s not just about the destination but also about how beautiful you make the journey.


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