In the last blog I wrote about taking care of my mental health and being positive. And being grateful is a crucial part of it. So, this blog is about the wonderful people god has blessed me with; to my favourite human beings.

The first one is my mother. Having my mother by my side in every difficult situation is something I can never be enough thankful for. Even if sometimes, she doesn’t quite understand my problem, her advice benefits me directly or indirectly. And sometimes, the advice is so precise, it seems as if god is speaking through her and telling me what to do. So, I am blessed with a free-of-cost counsellor.

Next one is my father. Fathers are often portrayed as strict and kids being afraid of them. But in my case, it’s opposite. Whenever I make a mistake and am afraid to tell mom, he’s the one to save me. Also, he never fails to make me laugh when I am down. He’s my stress buster.

Then comes my brother. I have seen girls wishing they had an older brother and it makes me so happy I have got one. It feels great when he acts protective about me. We have a lot of fun together; his constant teasing, listening to music and singing out loud, our fights. Although he annoyed me so much, the house feels empty in his absence (he lives in another city currently). Also, I never have to worry about a guy troubling me because the fact that I have an older brother is itself enough. It’s like having a personal bodyguard. Missing you, bhai.

The list isn’t over yet but the blog is getting quite lengthy. So let’s have a part-2. It will be posted soon, make sure you don’t miss out.


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