Hello 2018


So guys, it’s the first day of 2018; a New Year, new month, new week, a fresh starting. Everybody has made a New Year resolution. Well, me too, but this time, I have a different one.

Usually, New Year resolutions of most people are difficult ones; like going to the gym every day, or eating healthy or studying regularly or something like that. I am not saying these are bad but till 31st, you are laying on the sofa all day, having French fries and then on 1st Jan you wake up early, go to the gym and have a salad in the breakfast. You think that’s possible? Changing habits is a difficult and time taking process. It takes patience; you need to change bit by bit. That’s the reason why most of the resolutions don’t last long. And since I realized this recently, I have made a different resolution this year.

I will surely change myself but not force all of it at once. Daily, I will self-analyse my day; how much productive I have been, how much time I wasted, what good I did, and what needs to be fixed. And then I will prepare a schedule for the next day. As I have always struggled with time management, I hope this would be helpful.

One more thing I have decided is to take care of my mental health too. Last year I learnt about how powerful our subconscious mind is, so we should be careful of what we feed it. That’s why, this year, I will try to distant myself from negativity, try to see the silver lining in every situation, stop seeing myself as the villain of my own story and start believing I have total control over my life and can change it the way I want.

This time, I have convinced myself that no YouTube video or motivational article will be helpful until I am determined to change myself into a better person.

This year, no ‘new year, new me’, my motto is ‘new year, a better me’.

What’s your New Year resolution? Comment below. Also, as a beginner, your feedback will help me grow. So please take a moment to comment your opinion about the blog. Wish you a great year ahead.


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