Having Fun

In this generation, it’s hard to fit in if you are not crazy about selfies, don’t post on social media every other day and don’t put a story about everything that happens in your life.

The other day I was telling someone about a party I attended and showed them the pictures I clicked. And there reaction, to the fact that I only clicked a few photos, was “Then what’s the point of going?” My mind couldn’t rationalize this statement, tell me if you can.

The point of attending the party was to have fun, to eat, to meet my friends and most  importantly, to get out of my comfort zone and challenge my inner, unsocial self. Taking photos was never the point, not for me at least.

Nowadays, the definition of fun for most of the people I know is narrowed down to just one thing, taking photos, posting them and getting an overwhelmed response. That ‘response’ is the fun part for them. And I am so glad I don’t fit in.

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