My Parents

“My parents are the best”, everyone says that. But today I want to write why I believe I have the best ones.
My parents are the best because they are not too strict but also haven’t spoiled me. They are matured enough, of course, because they have brought me up, but also the child inside them is still alive, with whom I often play with.
They are my role models. The fact that they achieved everything with each others support inspires me. Also, their chemistry, the way my father helps in household chores and my mother being capable of earning and contribute in the finances, that really touches me. I wish my future, my married life to be like theirs.
They are the best because they know everything about me and that is because they have given me every reason to trust them and share every little detail of my life with them, because they care enough to know about me. They know how to handle my frequent mental breakdowns and mood swings.

Also, they don’t spy on me, because they trust me, because they know that the values they have passed on to me will never let me do anything wrong.
They are the best because they love me. And no matter how much I love them back they will always be the winner of ‘I love you more’ game because their love for me is beyond comparison.

You might wonder why I wrote this today, no special occasion, right? But only a few days aren’t enough to praise them, even if I devote my whole life to pay them back, which I wish to do, it still won’t be enough.


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