You know, being an introvert, what I hate the most?…SOCIAL EVENTS. Either it is a party or a class union or anything else, I hate them all. Why?…Even I don’t know.

Outings with friends are good but only as long as there are limited members. 6 or 7 are good, even 10 members are bearable but more than that and I just lose it.

It’s not that I don’t like the idea of gatherings. I can be really excited for something, let’s say, a party. I dress up well, take selfies and reach the destination all cheered up. But the view of the crowd just traumatizes┬áme somehow. I lose control. I get easily annoyed by people, whom, I otherwise like.

In middle of conversations or arguments, I give up. But obviously others keep talking and I am like “JUST SHUT UP, DAMN IT, LEAVE ME ALONE”. But the problem is I don’t say that out loud. I just can’t. And so others don’t know what’s going on and they just think I am rude.
But I am not rude. I have anxiety. Please understand that.

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